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Victoria L. Barber, M.D.

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Dr. Victoria Barber joined Peninsula Orthopedic Associates after completing her residency training at the San Francisco Orthopaedic Residency Program. In addition to the four year residency program, Dr. Barber completed a year long research fellowship at St. Mary’s Hospital in San Francisco.

She is a 1986 graduate of Yale University and a 1990 graduate of Yale University School of Medicine. Prior to heading West, Dr. Barber completed her surgical internship at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

Her interest in musculoskeletal injuries and diseases developed naturally through her participation in high school and collegiate athletics. Given her own athletic pursuits, Dr. Barber has an empathetic understanding of the impact musculoskeletal trauma and degenerative diseases have on her patients’ lives. It is this understanding that drives Dr. Barber to return her patients to their highest possible level of function.

Curriculum Vitae

Current Medical Practice

Peninsula Orthopedic Associates, Inc., 1996 to present


  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychobiology – 1986
    Yale University
    New Haven, Connecticut
  • Doctor of Medicine – 1990
    Yale University
    New Haven, Connecticut

Post Graduate Training


  • George Washington University Medical Center
    Washington, D.C.
    General Surgery
    July 1990 – June 1991


  • St. Mary’s Hospital
    San Francisco, California
    Orthopaedic Research
    July 1991 – June 1992


  • San Francisco Orthopaedic Residency Training Program
    San Francisco, California
    July 1992 – June 1996


State of California

Board Certification

Orthopaedic Surgery, July 16, 1998 (ABOS)

Hospital Affiliations

  • Seton Medical Center, Daly City, CA
  • Peninsula Hospital, Burlingame, CA

Honors and Awards

  • Vernon P. Thompson Award: Sponsored by the Western Orthopaedic Association in recognition of excellence in basic science or clinical research by a resident in the field of orthopaedic surgery, 1992.
  • Mack E. Williams Memorial Prize: Grant awarded to medical student for academic excellence, 1988.
  • Sidney B. Wood Cup for Outstanding Contribution to Branford College Community, Yale College (1986).

Professional Organizations/Committees

  • American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, resident member 1993 – present
  • California Orthopaedic Association, member 1992 – present
  • J. Robert Gladden Society, member 1992 – present
  • Ruth B. Jackson Society, member 1991 – present
  • American Medical Association 1990 – present
  • Sinkler Miller Medical Association 1995 – present

Research Experience

  • St. Mary’s Hospital and Medical Center, San Francisco, California: “Management of Established Infections in Total Knee Arthroplastsy.” Vernon P. Thompson Award. Presented at Western Orthopaedic Association Meeting, Monterey, California. October 1992.
  • Medical Student Thesis: “An Evaluation of Tendon Healing Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and a Standard Physical Therapy Assessment.” Department of Orthopaedics and Radiology, Yale University School of Medicine. Compared the efficacy of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in detecting Achilles’ tendon abnormalities with the standard clinical assessment after treatment and rehabilitation. Advisors: Dr. Peter Jokl, Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation/Dr. Christopher Pope, Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Radiology. 1988-1990.
  • Shriner’s Hospital for Crippled Children, Tampa Unit: “Radiographic Changes in Arthrogrypotic Knees.” Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Purpose was to determine the significance of knee pathology as it related to existing treatment protocols in an arthrogrypotic population. Advisors: Dr. Kenneth Guidera, Professor of Orthopaedics Shriner’s Hospital/Dr. John Ogden, Chairman, Shriner’s Hospital. Fall 1989.
  • Senior Thesis: “Neurologic Anomalies in the Dyslexic Child.” Department of Psychology, Yale University. Reviewed current literature that investigated the association of electrical and anatomical brain abnormalities with dyslexic behavior. Advisor: Dr. W. Kessen, Associate Professor in Research Psychiatry. 1984-1986.


  • Barber, V., M.D., Shievely, J., M.D., James, P., M.D., Skinner, S., M.D. “A Retrospective Review of Tarsal Coalition: Diagnosis and Treatment”. Presented at Western Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting 1996 Orthopaedic Transaactions, in Press.
  • Barber, V., M.D., Welch, R., M.D., McGann, W., M.D., Wynne, G., M.D. “Management of Established Infection in Total Knee Arthroplasty” Orthopedic Transactions 17(1) 191, 1993.
  • Guidera, K. M.D., Kortright, L., M.D., Barber, V. M.D., Ogden, J. M.D. “Radiographic Changes in Arthrogrypotic Knees” Journal of Skeletal Radiology 20(3): 193-5, 1991.
  • Barber, V., M.D., “Hyalgan, For the Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee Joint.” Industrial Claims Association-“Comp Crier,” Vol. II, Issue 1, Winter/Spring 1998.

Your California Workers’ Compensation Doctors

Dr. Barber is just one of the trusted California Workers’ Compensation doctors at Peninsula Orthopedic Associates. As a group of professionals specializing in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system and musculoskeletal diseases, we provide each patient with the utmost care. We have many years of experience treating patients who have not only suffered injuries while participating in sports but also while on the job as well. Dr. Barber is a trusted California worker’s compensation physician who treats individuals that have sustained a work-related injury. Her goal is to provide the patient with the proper treatment(s) and utmost care to return them back to work.