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Shoes are intended to protect your feet. In order to do this, however, they must fit properly. Here are some general suggestions for shoe fitting:

  • Measure both feet, as your feet may be slightly different sizes.
  • Measure your feet while standing, at the end of the day, as both of these tend to cause your feet to expand.
  • Make sure both the toe and heel fit and that your shoe is comfortable to walk in.
  • Keep in mind that your feet may change in size over time.
  • If one foot is much larger than the other, an insole or similar device can help make the smaller foot fit better in its shoe.

Athletic shoes should fit comfortably and be designed for the activity you intend to engage in. A basketball shoe differs greatly from a running shoe.

Higher heels on women’s shoes place increased stress on the ball of the foot. This can lead to discomfort and foot problems.

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