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Bike Fitting  

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Peninsula Orthopedic Associates Bike Fit

CLICK HERE to schedule a bike fit! For questions about our bike fitting services,
please contact Allen at or by phone/text at (415) 294-1907.

         Bike fitting is a service offered at our Physical Therapy office on Hickey Boulevard in Daly City. Staffed by licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, Allen Kuo, we are the only bike fitting service between Daly City and Millbrae. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy riding their bike pain-free, and our goal is to get you there with a professional bike fit.

         Allen has been riding for over 10 years and understands the demands of a cyclist and athlete, and with several years of experience working within the retail bicycle industry, he knows his way around a bike. He's competed in duathlons (no triathlons as he hates swimming!), raced cyclocross at World Cup venues (Jingle Cross, Trek CX Cup), and has ridden across the USA on his bike--twice! While his #1 passion is cycling, off the bike, he's completed the Marine Corps Marathon, Pikes Peak Ascent Half Marathon, Pikes Peak Marathon, and several other half marathons.

         At POA, our philosophy with bike fitting is to fit your bike to your unique body without trying to upsell you on expensive accessories. We aim to integrate our knowledge of human biomechanics with the care we provide in physical therapy, so you can ride confidently and comfortably at the level you want. We analyze how your body moves on and off the bike, and
use that information to guide us towards an optimal fit.

All fits include:

  • Subjective interview and rider history
  • Off-bike musculoskeletal screen and assessment
  • On-bike biomechanical analysis of all joints
  • Evaluation and adjustment of all contact points, including:
    • Saddle height, tilt, and fore/aft
    • Cockpit (stem and handlebar) reach
    • Handlebar drop and rotation
    • Brakes/shifter lever position and angle
    • Shoe/Cleat adjustment
  • Post-fit report sent via e-mail

Essential Fit - $175 (60-70 minutes)

The Essential Fit is ideal for the newer cyclist who hasn’t had a proper fit performed and is looking to find a comfortable riding position on their bike while addressing efficiency and injury prevention. We examine your joint mobility and soft tissue flexibility from head to toe while analyzing basic movement patterns. Static measurements are used to check and adjust your pedaling stroke and body’s position while on the bike.

  • Fits can be performed for road, mountain, gravel, cyclocross, or hybrid/flat bar styled bikes.
  • Triathlon/Time Trial bikes require a Level 2 Performance Fit.

Performance Fit - $270 (2 hours)

The Performance Fit is designed for the cyclist who wants to ride harder, faster, and/or longer. Here we’ll address any pain, discomfort, or inefficiencies that may be limiting your performance. We examine your joint mobility and soft tissue flexibility from head to toe while performing a comprehensive movement assessment. High-speed video capture is used for dynamic measurements of your pedaling stroke and body’s position while actively pedaling.

  • Fit can be performed for road, mountain, gravel, cyclocross, hybrid/flat bar, or triathlon/TT bikes
  • On top of the Essential Fit, the Performance Fit includes:
    • Deeper dive into movement pattern analysis on and off the bike
    • Dynamic video analysis on the bike
    • More time to address smaller details of your fit
    • Pre- and post-fit bike measurements and media (video, still shots) included in your post-fit e-mail report
    • One free Fit Follow-Up ($110 value!) within 8 weeks

N+1 Fit - $130 per bike (60 min)

Have other bikes you want to fit as well? We’ll take our analysis from your initial bike fit and use that to help us fit your other bike(s)!

  • Available for additional road/CX/gravel/MTB/hybrid bikes only.
  • Must have had an Essential or Performance Fit completed within the last 6 months, without significant adverse events such as surgeries, bone fractures, etc within that time frame.

Fit Follow-Up - $110 per hour

Fine-tune your fit after having a previous fit with this bike done with us.

If you're changing any components such as shoes, pedals, cranks, seat post, saddle, stem, handlebar, shifter/brake levers, or replacing your worn-out cleats, this would be an opportune time to schedule a Fit Follow-Up as any of these can affect your riding position and pedal stroke!

  • Rate will be charged at $110/hr, with minimum $55 (30 min) charge.
  • First Fit Follow-Up free following a Performance Fit

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