Our MRI facility is now open, at 901 Campus Dr, Suite 107, Daly City, CA 94015. Please call us to inquire 650-756-5630 x7!

Diagnostic Imaging


Welcome to Peninsula Orthopedic Associates, where we prioritize pioneering orthopedic imaging services with a steadfast commitment to our patients. Our advanced diagnostic imaging facility features state-of-the-art technology aimed at transforming the imaging experience for every individual we serve. Equipped with essential diagnostic tools crucial for modern orthopedic surgery, our on-site facility ensures convenience and efficiency for our patients. From Digital X-ray to Wide Bore MRI, Bone Density, and Electrodiagnostic Testing, we offer a comprehensive suite of imaging solutions tailored to meet your needs. Explore each of our diagnostic imaging options further by clicking on the sub-tabs below the Diagnostic Imaging tab. Discover how Peninsula Orthopedic Associates is revolutionizing orthopedic care through cutting-edge technology and patient-centered excellence.

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