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Worker’s Compensation Evaluations


One of the major advantages of Peninsula Orthopedic Associates is its location in a heavily industrialized peninsula of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our doctors are seasoned in the evaluation and treatment of injured workers. The workers’ compensation system in the state of California is complicated. Our doctors, however, are highly familiar with this system, and Drs. Baciocco, Conrad, Fernandez, and Barber have achieved combined experience in the area of evaluation, which now exceeds 50 years. Our reports are prepared in a timely manner. Our doctors are familiar with the complicated issues of causation, apportionment, duplication, and overlap. By virtue of our experience, we have developed an expertise in cases which are unusually complex. Our doctors are sensitive to the issues of both the injured worker and the employer. For these reasons, a large percentage of our evaluations are Agreed Medical Evaluations (AME); however, Qualified Medical Evaluations and AOE/COE evaluations are also welcome.

Appointments can be made through MedLink (415-399-9769) or, in the case of Dr. Conrad, directly through Peninsula Orthopedic Associates (650-756-5630) or MedLink. Beginning on January 1, 2004, Dr. Conrad will restrict his medical-legal practice to Agreed Medical Evaluations (AME) only.

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