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About Our Digital X-ray

In line with our commitment to innovation, the POA diagnostic imaging toolbox includes our Digital X-ray machine, which stands as one of the most state-of-the-art X-ray machines to date.

Our Digital X-ray performs radiological exams with unprecedented speed producing high quality images in just seconds in a digital format. Digital photographic film, changing a standard two-step process into a much more efficient single step.

Digital X-rays also provide increased safety for our patients because the exposure to radiation is considerably less-producing the highest clinical image quality using the lowest radiation dose.

Ultimately, our switch from conventional X-ray to Digital X-ray offers you more speed, safety, and precision than ever before.

Our Digital X-ray software displays diagnostic images in seconds. All patient data is stored and can be retrieved for future examinations. We are able to pipe the x-rays into all of the patient rooms instantaneously-saving time and with great convenience. Also, the machine’s motorized arm allows patients with injuries or disabilities to be imaged faster and easier.

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Digital X-ray allows images to be digitally enhanced, providing your surgeons with the necessary tools to provide better care. Overall quality is improved because the technical errors in contrast and density can be adjusted at the terminal. The X-ray images can be customized to meet any situation and our doctors have immediate access to all the images for review.


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About Our Bone Density

Discover more than just our Digital X-ray service at Peninsula Orthopedic Associates—we also provide Bone Density scans. Using lower radiation doses than traditional X-rays, this safe and non-invasive test requires no recovery time. Unlike standard X-rays, Bone Density scans can pinpoint small bone density reductions, aiding in the early diagnosis of conditions like osteoporosis to mitigate the risk of future fractures and disability. Our Bone Density scan is a straightforward and dependable method for diagnosing osteoporosis and other bone conditions. Your doctor can utilize the results to tailor treatment plans and monitor your condition closely.

With immediate access to all images, our doctors ensure thorough and efficient review.


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About Our Electrodiagnostic Testing

Discover comprehensive diagnostic services at Peninsula Orthopedic Associates beyond Digital X-ray and Bone Density assessment. Our practice also offers Electrodiagnostic (EMG) Testing, a crucial tool in evaluating the health and functionality of your skeletal muscles and the nerves governing them. Every bodily movement, from the simplest gesture to complex actions, relies on intricate communication between your central nervous system, nerves, and muscles. Through EMG, we can pinpoint issues with motor nerves, muscles, or their communication pathways.

Your doctor may suggest an EMG if you experience symptoms like muscle weakness or numbness. This test aids in diagnosing various injuries and diseases affecting motor nerves and muscles, helping determine their presence, location, and severity. With access to all EMG results, our doctors can swiftly formulate tailored treatment plans and monitor your progress effectively. Trust Peninsula Orthopedic Associates for comprehensive care and accurate diagnostics. 

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