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The Many Benefits of Good Posture

If you have any kind of job that involves long periods of sitting or standing, you know how important holding good posture is. However, it can be very difficult to stand up straight or sit with perfect posture all day long. 

Sometimes, you probably let yourself slouch a little or stand up without being completely straight. This may seem innocent at the time, but bad posture can wreak havoc on your health.

At Peninsula Orthopedic Associates, our mission is to heal your aching body, whether you're hurting from bad posture or from other conditions. Our doctors are prepared to help you regain good posture after treating the source of your orthopedic pain. 

Whether bad posture is plaguing your neck, back, or hips, our staff gets you the treatment you need.

What constitutes good posture?

Posture is so important for a healthy body and spine, so what does it mean? Good posture is defined as your spine in a neutral position, where your muscles that are around your spine are equally supporting the rest of your body. 

Whether you’re sitting, standing, or lying down, posture plays a huge part in the health of your muscles and spine.

So how do you know if you’re practicing good posture while you’re sitting? Good sitting posture includes having both of your feet on the floor, completely flat. Other ways you know you’re sitting properly include:

It’s also important that you get up and move around or stretch every so often to keep your muscles from being strained. Further, good posture applies when you’re standing, especially over long periods of time. 

Here’s how you know you’re practicing good posture while standing:

You also want to keep your head level, and try to keep your neck in a neutral position. Keeping your feet about as wide as your hips also helps you balance and stay comfortable. Making sure you do all of these tips is vital to reaping the rewards of great posture.

The health benefits of good posture

Whether you know it or not, posture plays a large role in the way your body functions and reacts to your daily activities. 

If you aren’t careful, bad posture can set in and cause you a lot of problems — and pain. Incorrect posture strains your spine and muscles, making them work much harder to keep you upright.

So why is keeping your body aligned properly so important? 

The truth is, there are numerous incredible benefits to good and proper posture. They include:

It can also increase the capacity of your lungs, leading to greater oxygenation to your brain and vital organs. Along with that, good posture aids in better digestion and improved circulation in your body. 

Improved strength in your abdominal muscles is yet another benefit of having good posture. 

Posture can affect your mental health as well. It can make you feel taller and give you an increased amount of confidence in yourself. Posture plays a role in so many aspects of your life, so making sure you keep your posture correct during the day is vital to a productive life.

If poor posture has you in a world of hurt, call one of our three convenient offices in Daly City and Atherton, California, or book an appointment with our staff online today. You can also send us a message on our website.

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