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Post Op Exercises


Following the exercise program recommended by your physician or physical therapist will greatly aid your recovery and return to full activity. Here are described some common exercises that your physician or therapist may recommend.

Walking: Early walking, as directed by your physician, is important to recovery from many injuries. Your physician will tell you how much weight to place on the affected foot and whether to walk with crutches.

Ankle Pumps: Point your toe, then flex your toe. Perform this action continuously for 2-3 minutes.

Towel Curls: Put a towel on the floor in front of you and use your toes to curl it towards you. Repeat in sets of 5.

Toe Curls: While standing, curl the toes of one foot under.

Toe Raises: Stand on the affected foot and point the toe. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat in sets of 10.

Big Toe Pulls: Place a rubber band between your big toes and use the toes to stretch the rubber band. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat in sets of 10.

Toe Pulls and Toe Squeezes: Place a rubber band around your toes for toe pulls and place corks or similar flexible objects between your toes for toe squeezes. Expand or contract your toes as appropriate, hold for 5 seconds, and repeat in sets of 10.

Return to activity: You may commence normal activity as directed by your physician or physical therapist. In general, you should first be able to walk comfortably, then run, then begin other athletic activity.

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