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Biceps Tendinitis


Your biceps muscle controls flexion of your forearm. It also helps stabilize the arm in the shoulder joint and is used extensively in throwing activities. Inflammation and injury of the biceps most commonly occurs with repetitive overhead motions. Symptoms of injury include pain during activity or when the arm is bent, tenderness of the biceps tendon in its groove on the bone of the upper arm, and sometimes a snapping or popping feeling.

In order to diagnose biceps tendinitis, your physician will want to examine your shoulder for range of motion, tenderness, and pain upon certain motions. X-rays or MRI studies may be used to help detect damage to the tendon or any underlying problems with your arm and shoulder.

Treatment for biceps tendinitis, as with similar injuries, initially consists of rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory medication. After a period of rest, your physician may recommend a careful program of stretching and strengthening to aid your return to activity. Surgery is generally recommended only if your pain results from an underlying problem with the shoulder bones or the tendon attachment.

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