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Throwing Injuries


A number of elbow injuries can result from repetitive throwing motions, especially in children. One particularly common one is known as “Little Leaguer’s Elbow.” Characterized by pain at the inside of the elbow, Little Leaguer’s Elbow is an injury caused by excessive pulling at the tendon and ligament attachment points on the inside of the elbow. If not treated, it can cause the tendons and ligaments to tear away from the bone, pulling up small bone fragments in the process and affecting bone growth. Osteochondrosis dessicans is another, less common condition that is marked by pain at the outside of the elbow. It results from compression of the joint during the throwing motion.

Either of these conditions can result in serious injury if untreated. Individuals should stop throwing activities if the experience pain at the elbow, locking of the elbow, or restricted range of motion. Rest the elbow for a few days and ice regularly. If the pain returns after a period of rest, see a physician.

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