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Finger Fractures


Finger fractures are a common injury seen in both sports and other activities. If you suspect a fracture of your finger, seek medical treatment promptly. Untreated fractures can lead to permanent deformity and loss of use of the hand. Stiffness and deformity can lead to difficulty in many daily tasks, including writing, grasping small objects, and other common activities.

Signs of a fractured finger include swelling, difficulty moving the injured finger, deformity of the finger, and pain. An X-ray is necessary to confirm the diagnosis, to find out which bone was fractured, and to determine the type of fracture. Often, a fracture can be set with a splint or cast without surgical intervention. If the fracture is severe, a surgical re-alignment involving pins, wires, or screws may be necessary. Fractures of the finger generally take about three weeks to heal, but may take longer, and further physical rehabilitation may be required to restore a full range of motion to the affected finger.

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